Red Haired Girl on Wood Panel

Red Haired Girl on Wood Panel


Red Haired Girl is based on a lovely little antique doll I came across during my flea market adventures and at first photographed -- before later buying her and incorporating her image into several art pieces. She was on a lone table in the back of the flea was hot outside and she was waiting to be bargained for.

This 4.5" wood square original one of a kind rendition was first painted with latex, the "Red Haired Girl" is drawn with various distressing inks then sealed with a clear acrylic resin. The wood square is mounted on an old art deco designed 5x5" frame which has been painted black.

Though she may be a bit creepy, she is really cool.

She was recently one of the featured art works in an Art Show - the third photograph shows her on display with one of the other wood block pieces from LuckyGirl Eleven. This listing is only for the Red Haired Girl.

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