Boho Chic with a Modern Vintage Touch.

Hand Dyed Deer Leather for Inlay piece of one of carryall bag designs. 

Hand Dyed Deer Leather for Inlay piece of one of carryall bag designs. 


Imagine a hint of the 19th and 20th Century, industrial print presses, a slice of late Victorian romance, a glimmer of Art Deco, old New York ingenuity. Envision early 1900's traveling fairs and carnivals, wax seals, burlap and old barn wood, sepia toned coffee stains on yellowed ledger pages, railroad car blueprints, the sound of an old typewriter hitting onion skin paper.  Now, envision yourself experiencing all of these things - being inspired by them in all that you do. Our accessories are intended to be thought about, to have their stories told, they are made to go beyond just design.

LuckyGirl Eleven Modern Vintage products are handmade using collected antique pieces, vintage hardware, and unique modern elements with attitude. Our handbags, leather products and one of a kind jewelry pieces all have their own story to tell, a sense of mystery, an element of intrigue, which sets them apart from the masses.

We use locally farmed flora, semi-precious stones and only the highest quality essential oils in creating our Spa Collection. We strongly believe that it is through our senses that our imagination flourishes.  Whether you breathe in calm or envision a slice of history with one of our handmade designs, LuckyGirl Eleven has something for everyone.


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At LuckyGirl Eleven I create from the heart - I make pieces I would want to wear...things that make me feel like a badass or make me feel pretty. Good jewelry...FUN, unique jewelry that inspires self confidence is not always easy to come by -- and I believe confidence is absolutely essential. Everything created at LuckyGirl Eleven has YOU in mind, it is simply a matter of finding what speaks to your heart.

Susan Bennett Lopez, Founder & Lead Creative at LuckyGirl Eleven