Labradorite and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Labradorite and Freshwater Pearl Necklace


“That still pool of the air under the branch of an echo. That still pool of the water under a sea of bright stars. That still pool of your mouth under a thicket of kisses.” —Federico Garcia Lorca

Here at LuckyGirl Eleven we think poetry and jewelry go well together. Hello romance!

According to Aristotle hands are not only a symbol of strength, power and protection, but also of generosity, hospitality and stability. Add a dash of itty bitty freshwater pearls for sincerity, truth loyalty, to enhance personal integrity, for a calm, soothing focus (not bad right?!). Then add 4mm semiprecious labradorite beads for clarity and insight — all hand knotted on silk thread and finished with adjustable silver finish chain — whoa baby!

With this delicate but meaningful handmade LuckyGirl Eleven necklace you can’t go wrong!

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