Hand Stitched Leather Fringe Wristlet Bag

Hand Stitched Leather Fringe Wristlet Bag


What do you get when you add a little boho, a little gypsy, some classic style with hold everything functionality with the perfect bangle bracelet handle with handmade one of a kind LuckyGirl Eleven bag? You get the ultimate sassy, fun statement piece THAT is what you get.

Featuring hand stitched, oh so lush, rustic woodland pig leather with kodiak leather boho fringe. The triangular detailing on the front includes a 10mm hand carved black horn moon and back pocket snap with antiqued silver tone keyhole.

This is the perfect combo of clutch bag but with a no worries top circular wire wrapped handle that allows you to wear it like a bracelet! Made with mixed metal wire wrap with beaded cuff handle for absolute style perfection.

Bold. Defiant. Original.

Just Like You.

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