The Beginning


The Beginning

I have always been a gypsy at heart. As a child, I definitely had my own rhythm, I wore electric blue suede cowboy boots and a single mink from an old mink coat that I bought from an antique store in Silverdale, Washington.  I rode a unicycle around my neighborhood while reading avon catalogs and fashion magazines, oblivious to what anyone else might think.

I was a quirky, creative kid. My father instilled in me a love of beat literature (not because he liked it, but he was able to intellectually discuss the era with me), Popular Mechanic era space travel and bebop jazz, while my mother filled our hearts with nature walks, crafting and fine art. We moved quite a bit so from early on I was in love with the diversity of arts and culture available across the United States. 

After college I moved to New York with a job in the Film, Video and Animation Department at the School of Visual Arts. I loved bodega flower stands, deli egg sandwiches, cheap too sweet coffee and inexpensive fruit from street vendors.  I loved the cacophonous sounds of the streets, blaring ambulances, police siren blips, garbage truck bumps...things that I oddly found beautiful. At night I went to Jazz clubs and spent weekends writing poetry and doing spoken word anywhere my fellow beat generation literati were performing. 

 During my early days in the City I did a lot of late night wandering around Soho and Greenwich Village - it was constantly alive with this incredibly exciting energy and everything there inspired me; all of the weirdness, the genuine nature of this tribe of true bohemians.

It was on one of those late night walks after having discovered a mound of right foot combat boots as tall as I was that I walked around a corner, running head on into one of my major fashion idols, Donna Karan.  I had on a pair of DKNY glasses and she endearingly complimented my choice. I smiled way too much but was readily making mental notes about how down to earth and real she was in person. New York City spoke to my very soul and it was during my time there that the dream of LuckyGirl Eleven flickered into existence and later blossomed.