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Handcrafted by LuckyGirl Eleven


A bespoke accessories and lifestyle brand promoting individuality and self-expression through modern vintage designs and small batch spa products.

One should never have to sacrifice individuality for beauty. Our philosophy is built into every handmade piece and into each small batch spa product that we make.  We recognize the boldness of your character, we've harnessed your inner badass and we're releasing it into the world with each handmade vesture and scent. 

Our mission at LuckyGirl Eleven is to put you in touch with yourself, allow you to be the best version of you and to express that through your sense of style. LuckyGirl Eleven accessories are made with the highest quality leathers and materials along with unique hand picked finds to create our character rich designs.  Each piece is thoughtfully handcrafted using pure artistry and old-fashioned bench work.

We only use top quality semi-precious stones,  locally farmed flora and the highest quality pure blends of essential oils which are mindfully created to bring strength, calm and insight. Oftentimes, the world inside our heads is far more chaotic than the world outside it. We have immense power to calm it by remembering just to breathe. Our spa collection is designed to stir creativity while inspiring this confidence and calm in you.  At LuckyGirl Eleven, we let you be YOU.



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